Gritwell was born of small town Pennsylvania roots. While Gritwell itself may be a new company, its seeds and inspiration were planted generations ago.

My name is Shane Pecht, and I founded Gritwell to grow closer to my roots and share my passion for leather making. I'd like to tell you a little about what got us here. 

For me, it all started with a picture of my great-grandfather. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting him, my grandpap proudly displayed a photograph of him standing in front of his Gulf Service Station. Over the years my mind often wandered back to this image of a fine gentleman and the way he stood there so proud in his overalls covered in a hard day’s work of grit and grime. Standing in a place all his own, where he could provide for his family. There is something so rewarding about a simple life like that—but getting there, or getting back to it, seems to be the hard part.

Growing up in a family of tradesman who had each built their own businesses from the ground up, I was raised around people working with their hands, doing what they loved. I've found myself many late nights at a dust-covered work bench aiming to get back to that—getting out of corporate America and back to the simpler way of life.   

It’s been ten years since I took my background in welding and paint and began working in the leather upholstery field, specializing in autos, bikes, and aircraft. I love the whole process—from laying out and cutting the hide, to turning out a handsomely crafted product with that fresh tannery smell. I learned that people like myself wanted handmade goods and wanted made in the USA. I learned they wanted a product that stood out and that stood the test of time. Through working with the leather itself, I got a feel for how leather goods that are simple and original would resonate with the customer. 

Gritwell makes leather lifestyle goods that are truly original. Our leather goods are designed to go with you, get roughed up, and develop character. That only comes through time spent with you—and only then will it be As Original As Your Roots. 

Our designs and color selections are usually inspired by early morning drives through the valley and small town storefronts. Hell if you look closely at our favorite classic Chevy pickups or whiskey bottles, you may find some subtle hints. Whatever the inspiration, you’ll find Gritwell goods are made like a workhorse and honed like a blade.  

Thank you kindly.