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Gritwell was born of small town 

Pennsylvania roots. While Gritwell itself was established in 2015, its seeds and inspiration were planted generations ago.

Growing up in a family of tradesman, our founder was raised around people working with their hands, putting in the hours and providing for their families; while doing what they loved and longed for. He'll never forget the first time his granddad showed him a black & white picture of his dad in front of his Gulf Service Station. If that picture could talk, the grease stained overalls and calloused hands would tell many stories. 

While continuing his career at Sikorsky Aircraft, traveling the world building and upholstering world class VIP helicopter interiors, there was something missing and the big city lights were not for him (even though they are so intriguing).

He's found himself many late nights at a dust-covered work bench aiming to get back to that; getting out of corporate America and back to the simpler way of life. It’s been almost a decade since starting the journey in a “leather related career”. Setting up shop in a basement where Gritwell was founded, he knew it would take the grit to pursue a dream that was so close yet far away. Fast forward a couple years, Gritwell opened shop in a 1920’s service station. It happened to be in his hometown and one mile from that same great grandfathers service station. 

Here at Gritwell, our designs and color selections are usually inspired by early morning drives through the valley and small town storefronts. We use inspiration from our Original Roots.

For us, handmade isn't only about the product itself. It's the entire process: inspiration, design and concept refinement. This process and a meticulous focus on each detail is what makes the product whole. Across our product line, the constant is consistency and quality. This is what we strive for as craftsmen. Our products are made for the long haul and want you to enjoy them as much as we do making them.


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